Shockwave (Jet Truck)

Shockwave is one of two jetpowered trucks. Namely, Shockwave, a Peterbuilt semi, and Super Shockwave, a 1957 Chevy.
Shockwave is the first of the Shockwave trucks. It currently holds the world record for jet-powered full-sized trucks.[1] The truck has three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jets, which allow the truck to complete the quarter-mile at 6.63 seconds.

Baby girl orphaned after surviving Alberta crash

EDMONTON, Alta. – A baby girl has been orphaned after surviving a crash which killed her parents and her aunt on Christmas Eve.

RCMP said the driver of a mid-sized car lost control on a turn on Highway 855 north of Mundare, a town northeast of Edmonton, and slid into the path of a 1,000 pound pick-up truck in the oncoming lane.

The baby’s parents and aunt were all from Foisy, Alberta.

The infant had to be airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital, where she remains. The driver of the truck was unhurt.

Weather and road conditions are being blamed for the fatal crash.

Breathe new life into your old car

Congratulations! You finally bought the car you had been dreaming about and now looking for a way to personalize it. Or maybe you don’t have any reasons to celebrate? You feel bored with your old vehicle but cannot afford a new one. So you have nothing to do but to change some things in your old one so in looks like new. Whatever your case is, here is a solution. Buy car accessories and give your car out of the ordinary stylish look. It’s not a problem nowadays to find options to express yourself through your car appearance. Numerous nearby car dealerships, internet stores and auctions have lots of accessories not only to change your car look but also make it more comfortable and convenient to drive. The list of available choices is endless. You should only know what you want and what your car should look like.
Various car accessories like spoilers, head and tail light covers, sun proof, sport mirrors, window visors, wind shield wiper blades, rims and tires, car covers, and many more will improve your car and won’t let anyone stay indifferent.

The good news is that you don’t need any extra skills to install most of the decorations yourself, though some of them can be tricky and involve other systems in your car.
You are ready for decisive actions but do not know what to start with? Look back and try to remember what you were dreaming about when buying the first car. Do you still want all eyes to be fixed on your extraordinary car? Start changes with the car exterior. On the contrary, if you don’t care what other people think and believe your car is only for your comfort, start improvements with interior accessories.
You can choose to paint your car in a new color. In addition, painting will help not only to refresh the vehicle but to get rid of dents and rust. But if one-color is too boring for you, consider different car stickers and decals. You are able to pick up from a wide range of flame, floral, hunting, scenery and other themed graphics. You may have seen custom made decorations with companies’ logo. Why not to follow those drivers and promote your business?
Modern technologies allow producing more durable and weather resistant decals. Moreover, with reflective stickers you will have more chances to avoid collisions driving at night.
Some car drivers believe that proper rims and tires are a symbol luxury and prestige. But they not only help vehicles to stand out from the crowd but contribute to its more optimal performance. You may experiment with different steel and alloy rims to add your car elegance or vice versa create more of a sports look. You may also choose tires that correspond to your driving style or weather conditions in your area. Shiny rims with new tires will definitely catch envious glances of other drivers and passes-by.
Among other exterior car accessories to improve your car style are tail lights, LED replacement tail lamps, fog lights, vent visors, bug deflectors, sunroof deflectors, hood scoops, mud flaps, car covers, exhaust tips, side mirrors and more.
If you prefer to invest in your car interior and comfort consider floor mats, shifter knobs, steering wheel covers, seat covers, cargo management items, racing pedals, and others. No matter what accessories you buy make sure they suit the interior of your car, manufactured from quality materials and compatible in style and color with each other. Then you will be able to enjoy added comfort and durability.
To make a right choice of exterior or interior accessories you may look through specialized periodicals, talk to more experienced drivers or ask for advice at your local aftermarket or OEM car parts store. Put your soul into the design of your car and your efforts will be generously repaid.

Les Shockley Jet Truck Dragster

Are Micro-Pickups the Next Big Thing?

MUTThe auto industry isn’t the only thing that’s shrinking lately. By most expert accounts, most new vehicle equipment brought to market in the next three to five years will be smaller and more fuel efficient. Those same prognosticators say sales of full-size pickup trucks will continue to shrink, then level off, restabilizing at half the volumes we saw just a few years ago.

Where does that leave those of us who like the flexibility of a pickup, yet are also worried about fluxuating fuel prices and problematic big V-8 fuel economy? One alternative may be in the form of mini-pickup trucks from Asia running two- and three-cylinder engines on mini-pickup and work van platforms.

As recently as last year, some companies imported a few of these models into the U.S. with mixed sales results. Although they can run comfortably at speeds at or near 50 and 60 mph, most are limited to off-highway use.

But that could be changing. We recently had the chance to drive one of these “little trucks” at a local Ford Fleet and Commercial dealership in Fontana, Calif., and found it to be an interesting surprise.

From the moment we opened and slammed the door of our 2008 test unit, we knew this was a different type of vehicle. This particular model was an MUT brand or K-Class minitruck from the Japanese market. We liked the buslike seating position and the tremendous amount of visibility, mainly because of the short hood. In fact, the engine — a 59-cubic-inch four-cylinder — sits underneath the front seats, giving the driver and passenger an unobstructed front view just past the front bumpers.

MUT Under HoodBecause of the engine location, we felt a good amount of vibration and eventually a good amount of heat coming up through the floor. The 0.97-liter I-4 produces about 50 horsepower and 55 pounds-feet of torque, which may sound quite small, but as we zigzagged through the parking lot and industrial neighborhood, it was plenty of power to move the 2,000-pound vehicle. (Two-door models are about 300 pounds lighter.)

MUT EngineThe MUT’s engine is mated to a standard synchromesh five-speed manual that will take you back several years, when searching and grinding a few gears was the norm, but the gear slots and shift lever felt solid. As you might imagine with a small two-wheel-drive vehicle and rack-and-pinion steering, the feel of the vehicle was quick and sharp. It will turn on a dime and cut a tight 16.5-foot turning circle. The front suspension is a simple double A-arm setup with coil springs, and the rear is even simpler with a stout live axle and leaf springs. And because these vehicles are designed to work hard in tight spaces, payload numbers are typically right around the vehicles’ weight. So our quad-cab model is rated to carry just under 2,000 pounds, but we’re guessing that’s a conservative number.

MUT Rear AxleWhat’s not so impressive is the ride quality when you reach higher speeds, around 45 to 50 mph. We found plenty of noise and rattling, and when we jumped on the brakes, braking was unnerving. Although we didn’t do any quantifiable track testing, the brakes felt soft and mushy, and stopping distance seemed considerably longer than we expected. Maybe this isn’t too surprising, given the small drum brake sizes and puny 165/70R13 tires.

Also, we found the engines must be tuned and biased for stop-and-start cycles because in the 30 miles we clocked on our short-course test drive, we calculated that we used about two gallons of fuel, giving us an unscientific 15 mpg. Not great, but maybe 150 miles per tank isn’t so bad for a small-mile work truck that will never be used for cross-country motoring.

MUT SeatsOverall, the vehicle doesn’t look like it will fill the niche below midsize or compact pickup trucks anytime soon, but there seems to be some value and fun factor here. Since this quad-cab model might just fit in the bed of a full-size heavy-duty pickup truck — granted, with a few modifications — we can imagine the ATV and side-by-side bed-toy crowd getting very clever with a vehicle like this. And the fact that it’s strong enough to practically carry itself when called for payload duty is an impressive achievement.

These MUTs could become popular on ranches or with the 4×4 trail crowd as well, and if fuel prices shoot up again and prices for electric vehicles stay high, there may be a place for more of these mini work trucks on the job site.

Our test unit was being sold by the Ford dealership right around $7,500, but not any of the major players in this segment in Japan (such as Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and Mitsubishi) plan to bring these trucks to the U.S. For now, the internet is probably the best way to find the best deals. We also recommend contacting your local department of motor vehicles to find out your state’s exact restrictions and licensing terms.

MUT BedSpecifications
Model: MUT two-wheel-drive minitruck
Price: $7,500 (estimated)
Engine: I-4, single overhead camshaft, electronic fuel injection
Displacement: 970cc / 59 cid
Bore x stroke: 2.62 by 2.83 inches
Power: 48 horsepower
Torque: 55 pounds-feet
Transmission: five-speed manual
Top speed: 60 mph
Suspension: Independent front suspension, coil springs; live axle, leaf springs
Steering: rack and pinion
Turning circle: 16.4 feet
Wheelbase: 100 inches
Dimensions (inches): 157 by 58 by 74
Track width, front/rear (inches): 50.4/50.8
Curb weight: 2,038 pounds
Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,997 pounds
Payload: 1,950 pounds
Weight distribution, empty: 51/49
Weight distribution, loaded: 37/63

Large collection of trucks, long the real Optimus Prime

real Optimus Prime

real Optimus Prime 4real Optimus Prime 3real Optimus Prime 2

Large collection of trucks, long the real Optimus Prime

Giant truck!

Giant truckThe world’s biggest trucks – Caterpillar 797,797 B
Caterpillar 797 trucks, the first awarded in 2000-2001 the largest string.  V24-cylinder engine to its staggering 3400 horsepower. 797, 23 feet high, 47.5 feet long, 30 feet wide, when the dump were hoisted up 50 feet in height.  There are eight computers to monitor the oil pressure, torque, machine performance and tire temperature.  797 on the Michelin tires are designed for customization. Each tire has a 13 feet high, cost 30,000 U.S. dollars. 797 equipped with 850 gallons of the fuel tank, 1800 gallons of the fuel tank is also optional.  The vehicle itself was sold three hundred four hundred thousand dollars.
In the back of each wheel has a group of 42-inch brake discs, front 10, rear wheel 15. A computer controls the brake cooling system, pump 1160 gallons per minute the speed of the oil through the radiator on the disc, so that the brakes take away the enormous heat generated.  797 of the dump to accommodate 360 tons, but the loading of ore can easily reach 400 tons of time, coupled with weight of 288 tons, so the total mass has reached 648 tons.  Surprising is that its maximum speed is 40 mph. 
It’s almost crazy fuel consumption, with an average 65 gallons per hour, meaning that only run 0.3 miles per gallon.  Can be is such a car, around the clock at work, only regular maintenance in order to rest. 
Giant truck 2

Giant truck 3
Main parameters Model: CATERPILLAR 797
Type: mid-engined rear-wheel drive, 2 2 dump truck
Price: 3.43 million U.S. dollars
Engine Model: Cat 3524B HD TA
Displacement: 117.122 liters
Compression ratio: 15.5:1
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Max power: 3400 hp / 1,750 rpm Maximum torque: 1677 NIU * m / 1300
Maximum speed: 1950
Average fuel consumptiontransfer: 788 L / 100 kilometers

House Truck

House Truck


 toyota  dynasea  truck house

World’s most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck

World's most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck.MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters Life!) – Mexico’s Manuel Uribe, once the world’s most obese man, has married his girlfriend, arriving at the wedding on a truck.

Uribe, 43, who once weighed as much as a small truck at more than half a tonne, married Claudia Solis on Sunday after being

hoisted onto a flat bed truck and taken to the wedding.

Uribe has been confined to a reinforced bed for the past six years because he is so heavy and this was only the third time he has left his house.

World's most obese man“I’m very happy. This is a really special day for me. God has permitted this day to arrive and for a beautiful woman like Claudia to marry me. We will start a new adventure together,” he told reporters in Spanish.

Uribe once tipped the scales at 560 kg after spending the 1990s eating pizzas and burgers in the United States where he worked as a computer repairman then moving back to Mexico and bingeing on greasy tacos.

His bulk made him the world’s heaviest man and won him a place in the Guinness World Records’ 2008 edition.

He has now trimmed down to 326 kg — the size of three hefty men — but is still unable to move his swollen legs.

World's most obese man and his wifeUribe relies on his family’s small wholesale clothes business and the generosity of friends to survive.

Volvo Trucks develop “the most powerful truck” game

In addition to “Need for Speed” and other games saloon cars, trucks, cars began to set foot in the game. In January 2009, Volvo FH16 700 with the truck market, Volvo Trucks introduced the online game – “the most powerful truck”, players can drive the virtual world of the truck to complete the transport task and win prizes. Now, the game with their own fun and interactive nature of the high-successful “landing” near 650 independent games portal; ended April 2 date, 120 million people worldwide have been involved in the game. The Volvo Trucks companies build on the progress on the recently developed and launched the “most powerful truck,” an updated version of the game.

Volvo Trucks Game

The game’s biggest attraction is the game of the new Volvo FH700 trucks become a player’s “research tool for” the game need to drive Volvo trucks to complete the task quite difficult to transport. All of this is very rarely have access to the truck at large, can be described as a fresh spin; the same time, the whole process wrapped up the game, players are entirely free from any ad, “disturb.”

Recently, Volvo Trucks is introducing an upgraded version of the “strongest truck”, the game difficulty has increased, driving environment and driving tasks and more complex and arduous. In addition, Volvo Trucks will be selected every two weeks through the competition to win a player, the prize is a Volvo FH16 Collection series of collector edition leather jacket.

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