How does a jet truck work?

Shockwave, a triple jet-enginetruck on a 260-in­ch (660-cm) wheelbase, holds the Guinness­ record for jet-truck speed at 376 miles per hour (605 kph). Driving on a runway, Shockwave racesairplanes that are flying above it at 300 miles per hour.

Shockwave jet-powered truck

Shockwave uses three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 engines, also used in the U.S. Navy’s T2A Buckeye plane. The engines are arranged in a pyramid formation, tilted at a three-degree angle to help keep the 6,800-pound (3,084 kg) truck on the ground.

The engines produce a total of 36,000 horsepower and 19,000 pounds of static thrust. The outlet of the engine is fitted with a special fuel line that carries raw diesel fuel to a ring-like burner inside the outlet. This dumping of raw diesel fuel into the burner creates flames and smoke that make for some very special effects.

The front of the truck is the only stock part, an original 1985 Peterbilt cab.

Hand-fabricated dashboard in a stock 1985 Peterbilt cab. Above the steering wheel is a zero to 300-mph airspeed indicator.

The familiar twin vertical chrome exhaust stacks are modified with piezoelectric ignitors for lighting the raw diesel fuel to produce flames. This truck consumes 400 gallons per mile during a race. If the afterburner mode is used, the fuel is consumed even faster.

The exhaust stacks are fitted with piezoelectric ignitors. The horizontal, metal shield prevents the cab-roof paint from burning.

Shockwave uses conventional truck tires. However, they shave 85 pounds of tread off each one to reduce the weight (mass) of the tire and to keep the tread from separating and flying off when traveling at 300 mph. All-wheel, large-diameter disc brakes are used on each wheel.

Shockwave uses all-wheel disc brakes. Note the jet-engine exhaust at left.

Aircraft-type parachutes are used to slow Shockwave down at the end of a run.

Shockwave jet truck cools down after an exhibition run. Note the parachute-storage tube visible beneath the rear spoiler.

In a typical show, an aircraft approaches the jet truck from behind, flying at about 200 mph (321.8 km/h). The Shockwave jet truck accelerates from zero to 300 mph in about 11 seconds in an attempt to catch up with the plane overhead.

Do not stop to know whether the overloading of trucks

Israel National Roads Company, Haifa University and Energy Systems to develop a truck load monitoring system, as long as it lay on the road, the truck can be detected through the time is overloaded.
Allegedly, this monitoring system is the way they pressure on joint research and development last year, power generation products. Pressure generation is the use of road vehicles produced between the pressure to shop on the road piezoelectric material to produce electricity under a new technology. In the study they found that the road in addition to power generation, through collection and analysis of data generated by passing vehicles, the vehicle can detect the load and speed.

Thus, based on their original technology, developed a truck load monitoring system, and in the vicinity of the road in Haifa last week completed the last round of testing. Test shows that the system can accurately measure any speed out of the load of passing vehicles, monitoring data via wireless signal transmission to the receiving device, the traffic control officer under probe data, you can quickly determine whether the vehicle is overloaded after. In addition, the system also has a power function, the power can be made for their own work and contact with other equipment to provide power.

Lu Xiazulei CEO, said the truck overloading is not only a threat to other vehicles will cause damage to the road, but to judge whether a moving vehicle overloading is not easy. They developed such a monitoring system to control vehicle traffic control department of the situation in real time opens up a new way. If at ports, mines, warehouses and other exit of the installation of the system, truck loading conditions prior to departure, the master found that overloading prohibition on the road, which is to ensure traffic safety is very necessary.

Punctuate editor

Governance in China overloading of goods vehicles, can not say much voice, but with little success. The reason is mainly the lack of attention. Can the moon shot at close range in a photograph of the country, if such a troubled life to the issue of public could not find a solution, it is certainly not join the reasonable. In addition, the technical barriers also contributed to the low efficiency of law enforcement. Israel’s lucky hit this technology to become the bane of overloaded goods vehicles, in the application of pressure on the road no less favorable than the power of the mind. Despite its mountain of jade, we have to say that it is a good thing

Breathe new life into your old car

Congratulations! You finally bought the car you had been dreaming about and now looking for a way to personalize it. Or maybe you don’t have any reasons to celebrate? You feel bored with your old vehicle but cannot afford a new one. So you have nothing to do but to change some things in your old one so in looks like new. Whatever your case is, here is a solution. Buy car accessories and give your car out of the ordinary stylish look. It’s not a problem nowadays to find options to express yourself through your car appearance. Numerous nearby car dealerships, internet stores and auctions have lots of accessories not only to change your car look but also make it more comfortable and convenient to drive. The list of available choices is endless. You should only know what you want and what your car should look like.
Various car accessories like spoilers, head and tail light covers, sun proof, sport mirrors, window visors, wind shield wiper blades, rims and tires, car covers, and many more will improve your car and won’t let anyone stay indifferent.

The good news is that you don’t need any extra skills to install most of the decorations yourself, though some of them can be tricky and involve other systems in your car.
You are ready for decisive actions but do not know what to start with? Look back and try to remember what you were dreaming about when buying the first car. Do you still want all eyes to be fixed on your extraordinary car? Start changes with the car exterior. On the contrary, if you don’t care what other people think and believe your car is only for your comfort, start improvements with interior accessories.
You can choose to paint your car in a new color. In addition, painting will help not only to refresh the vehicle but to get rid of dents and rust. But if one-color is too boring for you, consider different car stickers and decals. You are able to pick up from a wide range of flame, floral, hunting, scenery and other themed graphics. You may have seen custom made decorations with companies’ logo. Why not to follow those drivers and promote your business?
Modern technologies allow producing more durable and weather resistant decals. Moreover, with reflective stickers you will have more chances to avoid collisions driving at night.
Some car drivers believe that proper rims and tires are a symbol luxury and prestige. But they not only help vehicles to stand out from the crowd but contribute to its more optimal performance. You may experiment with different steel and alloy rims to add your car elegance or vice versa create more of a sports look. You may also choose tires that correspond to your driving style or weather conditions in your area. Shiny rims with new tires will definitely catch envious glances of other drivers and passes-by.
Among other exterior car accessories to improve your car style are tail lights, LED replacement tail lamps, fog lights, vent visors, bug deflectors, sunroof deflectors, hood scoops, mud flaps, car covers, exhaust tips, side mirrors and more.
If you prefer to invest in your car interior and comfort consider floor mats, shifter knobs, steering wheel covers, seat covers, cargo management items, racing pedals, and others. No matter what accessories you buy make sure they suit the interior of your car, manufactured from quality materials and compatible in style and color with each other. Then you will be able to enjoy added comfort and durability.
To make a right choice of exterior or interior accessories you may look through specialized periodicals, talk to more experienced drivers or ask for advice at your local aftermarket or OEM car parts store. Put your soul into the design of your car and your efforts will be generously repaid.

Adding A Train Horn To Your Rig

Adding a train horn kit to your rig is an awesome way to customize it a little more and not to mention make you a little safer on the road.  The drivers out there are not getting better and with added distractions like cell phones and dvd players in cars it’s nice to have something that can give the lady texting in her car next to you a wakeup call!

More and more states in the US are starting to pass laws that ban texting while driving because it has been shown in study after study that the likelihood of an accident while texting goes up dramatically.

So consider picking up a train horn kit for your truck like the one in the video above so you can help others pay attention when they forget that they’re suppose to be driving ;-) .

Large collection of trucks, long the real Optimus Prime

real Optimus Prime

real Optimus Prime 4real Optimus Prime 3real Optimus Prime 2

Large collection of trucks, long the real Optimus Prime

World’s most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck

World's most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck.MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters Life!) – Mexico’s Manuel Uribe, once the world’s most obese man, has married his girlfriend, arriving at the wedding on a truck.

Uribe, 43, who once weighed as much as a small truck at more than half a tonne, married Claudia Solis on Sunday after being

hoisted onto a flat bed truck and taken to the wedding.

Uribe has been confined to a reinforced bed for the past six years because he is so heavy and this was only the third time he has left his house.

World's most obese man“I’m very happy. This is a really special day for me. God has permitted this day to arrive and for a beautiful woman like Claudia to marry me. We will start a new adventure together,” he told reporters in Spanish.

Uribe once tipped the scales at 560 kg after spending the 1990s eating pizzas and burgers in the United States where he worked as a computer repairman then moving back to Mexico and bingeing on greasy tacos.

His bulk made him the world’s heaviest man and won him a place in the Guinness World Records’ 2008 edition.

He has now trimmed down to 326 kg — the size of three hefty men — but is still unable to move his swollen legs.

World's most obese man and his wifeUribe relies on his family’s small wholesale clothes business and the generosity of friends to survive.

Tatra Truck

If we say that Scania was “king of the road”, then from the Czech Tatra (TATRA) is a well-deserved, “the king of off-road,” the. A large body, amazing traction capabilities, a unique transmission, Flor vigorous suspension system, invincible, through capacity-is absolutely off-road vehicles in the “The Bomber”!


Tatra is a vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice (Nesselsdorf in German), Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1850 as Schustala & Company later renamed Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft, a wagon and carriage manufacturer, and in 1897 produced the first motor car in central Europe, the Präsident.
Tatra motor car - Präsident (1897)

Tatra motor car - Präsident (1897)

Configuration does not shrink J6 air filter and the gearbox to change doubts

User car was found in the liberation of J6 to mention the configuration of the new model compared to the previous version of the change, dual-stage air filter into a single-stage, transmission is also from the FS10209 into CA9T160, when the noisy trial, suspected of manufacturers to configure the shrink, User who caused controversy.

Of the original model for dual-stage air filter Of the original model for dual-stage air filter


Of the original model for dual-stage air filter

The new model for the single-stage air filter

The new model for the single-stage air filter 

FS10209 replaced CA9T160   FS10209 replaced CA9T160

FS10209 replaced CA9T160

Truck House specifically with the FAW to get in touch technology sector, manufacturers have also challenged the user to make the following explanation:
1. With regard to air filter changed by a two single-stage, FAW explained that it was using the latest single-stage dual-core technology to improve the intake efficiency, while the original air filter completely universal.  This single-stage dual-core filter fully meet the filtering effect of the effect of the original two air filter, while addressing the replacement of the original second-class air filter need to be demolished inconvenient problem.  FAW commitment to use without any problem.

 2. With regard to transmission, in the FAW internal FS10209 and CA9T160 is the same transmission, FS10209 is the introduction of Eaton’s use of the name, now from FAW Eaton Transmission Company to withdraw, so FAW will gradually to change the name of this transmission CA9T160, the two parts, speed ratio exactly the same, if we think that idling noise, estimated to be new need for run-in, if there are any questions, can go to a local service station to check the FAW, or in Home Truck forum to communicate.

We very much welcome the proposed use of the truck home to become a link between the user and the manufacturer!

Trucks operating principle and the system function

Truck from the engine, chassis, body and electrical system, composed of four parts. Trucks run mainly by the engine and chassis to participate in sports, which include chassis, powertrain, drive system, steering system and braking system.

Trucks operating principle: when we launched the car after the engine will produce power and torque to the gearbox, power through the transmission of the expanded, and then transmitted through the shaft-driven rear axle, rear axle drive-driven rear-wheel drive rotation, So a car up on the campaign.

The various parts of the functions and main components:Truck Engine















A, Engine: car power source, function is to produce power from fuel combustion, and then wheel drive vehicle drive train drive traffic.chassis truck


B, Chassis: sub-transmission system, driving system, steering system, braking system to introduce.
Transmission: The engine’s torque to the wheel, mainly including clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, drive the bridge.
Driving system: the car assembly and parts all together into a whole as well as the entire vehicle to play a supportive role in ensuring the normal running car. Includes frame, front axle, wheels, suspension.
Steering system: to ensure that the process of driving the car the driver of choice in accordance with the direction of travel, mainly including steering control bodies, steering gear, steering gear.
Brake System: To slow down cars, parking and ensure a reliable vehicle docked. Includes brake control bodies, brakes, transmission.Body Truck














C, Body: pilot work and the place where the goods are loaded. Including the driver’s cab and the compartment.

Truck Electrical Equipment

D, electrical equipment: Auxiliary driver to drive a car electrical system, including battery, starting system, lighting equipment, meters, etc..

The Definition Of Truck

TruckTruck  is formally known as the truck is carrying goods and commodities used in the form of a motor vehicle, including dump trucks, traction trucks, non-road and off-road trucks have no region and for the special needs of trucks (such as the airport ferry cars, fire engines and ambulances, tanker, container truck traction, etc.).