Tractor engine speed instability in Trouble

1. Tractors in the heavy load condition is not running smoothly, while empty or when going downhill run more smoothly, you should check whether the fuel system to the oil plug Ershi poor.

2. Remove the gear room covered with the observation hole cover, start the engine, using screwdriver hold down the speed lever to make it fixed at a certain position and, when running smoothly, the interruption may be governor, should be carried out Check the following: First, check the engine speed control agencies are the external connections where there are too loose, or else to remove loose impediments. Removed, not a smooth operation, should remove the gear chamber cover, check the governor internal structure. The internal structure of the main governor governor should be checked with the gear axis and the body is loose, governor lever fork whether the short arm of two uneven phenomenon. If the two forks of serious wear and tear, you can drive with one-way transfer speed skating in between the thrust bearing of about 1 mm thickness of a pad of paper. Note that pad of paper can not be too thick, otherwise, would reduce the maximum speed of the engine, thereby reducing power. If, after the above-mentioned processing, speed of instability is still not eliminated, you should also check whether there is hampered by the phenomenon of speed control lever, fuel pump plunger adjustment lever arm in the governor fork tank Kuang momentum is too large, rotating the plunger in the plunger kit is blocked, turn inflexible and so on.

3. Hold down the speed control lever with a screwdriver, if the operation is not stable, the interruption is not part of the governor, should check the fuel system. First, loosen the injection pump on the tubing connector nut, if it bubbles emerge can be sure that within the asphalt into the air, should check whether the burst pipe, pipe then whether the loose nuts, in particular, should pay attention to fuel pump out the oil valve gasket Does cracking or Mifengbuyan, whether the pump plunger positioning screw loosening. After the inspection, after repair, engine speed is still not stable, can be removed from a cylinder covered with fuel injectors, and new ones injectors tested. Such as troubleshooting, the interruption in the fuel injector; also be removed to re-install the fuel injector to the high-pressure tubing, the Shake to switch the engine, observe the situation injector fuel injection. If the atomized bad, there is drop of oil or needle catching phenomenon, can be ground or replaced.