Futuristic truck-cab concept probably won’t thrill Optimus Prime

Futuristic truck-cab concept probably won't thrill Optimus Prime
This Scania truck-cab concept from the mind of Adam Palethorpe certainly looks sleek and modern, looking more like an Apple-inspired PC mod than a big rig. It puts glossy finishes and curved surfaces in place of crude, boxy industrialism. While I get the point, it looks a little too sexy for my taste, essentially robbing the truck of its character — as grimy as that could be sometimes.

One aspect of Palethorpe’s design I do like, however, are the high-tech fenders that show how long the truck’s been on the road. A series of lights, clearly visible to other drivers, would indicate the number of hours the truck’s been driven in the last 24 hours, and the last time the driver had a break. While truckers might accuse them of being draconian, I see it as essentially putting your money where your mouth is with those “How’s my driving” signs. Who’s with me?

3D Model of concept truck

3D Model of concept truck

3D Model of concept truck3D Model of concept truck

This is 3d model of the truck concept made by me for fun. Hope you like it and want to use it in your work. Nobody can tell you illegally use an existing brand because it is my personal development and unexisting model. Polygons counted with MSmooth iterations 0 Rendered with MSmooth iterations 2 (over 550000 polygons) All 3d, textures used in interior and grills included. Tire, headlights, cameras and glas washers are 3d. Rendered with V-ray. Press render to get the same as preview result.

Baby girl orphaned after surviving Alberta crash

EDMONTON, Alta. – A baby girl has been orphaned after surviving a crash which killed her parents and her aunt on Christmas Eve.

RCMP said the driver of a mid-sized car lost control on a turn on Highway 855 north of Mundare, a town northeast of Edmonton, and slid into the path of a 1,000 pound pick-up truck in the oncoming lane.

The baby’s parents and aunt were all from Foisy, Alberta.

The infant had to be airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital, where she remains. The driver of the truck was unhurt.

Weather and road conditions are being blamed for the fatal crash.

The Iveco Glider Concept Truck at the IAA 2010 CV


Iveco has today (Tuesday) revealed its Stralis Glider concept truck, the core of which is advanced energy management.

On display at the 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, the Stralis Glider features 2m2 of photo-electric cells, which provide up to 2kW of energy, while a Rankine cycle heat exchanger converts waste exhaust heat into more storable energy. The recovered energy is stored in a high-energy storage unit where it can be used for the truck’s “hotel” functions. This is claimed to shave 5% off fuel consumption. A Kinetic Energy Recovery System to capture energy wasted under braking saves another 10%. Advanced engine cooling and low rolling resistance tyres complete the energy-saving measures.

Inside, the second strand of the concept includes a fixed-hub steering wheel and a variety of configurable cab layouts.

First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed 2GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed 1
 The industrial styling is familiar, but the application is new. General Motors unexpectedly unveiled the GMC Granite Compact Pickup concept at the10th anniversary celebration of GM’s North Hollywood Advanced Design Center on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, ahead of the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“GM Design believes there is an opportunity for a small truck because nobody else is doing this right now,” said Clay Dean, executive director GM advanced global design.

GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed 3


           The two-passenger Granite compact pickup is based on the GMC Granite small “urban utility vehicle” design study that debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. From the grille back to the B-pillar, front styling is identical to the original Granite concept.

“We designed the Granite to be modular,” said Robb McCann, design manager for GM’s California design studio. “Our first choice [after the compact crossover version] was to do a compact truck for Southern California because small trucks have been so popular here. The big idea is that it’s for someone who wants a pickup with a small footprint with great fuel economy and an occasional load in back.”

GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed 4

The Granite Compact Pickup is a true compact pickup that reminds us of classic garden trucks like the Chevy LUV and Toyota Pickup.

The wheelbase is only around 110 inches, but its 4-foot-long cargo box can be extended to 6 feet. Two side-hinged Dutch-style doors replace a conventional one-piece fold-down tailgate. When the doors are opened, a pallet that forms part of the floor of the cargo box can be pulled out to provide extra bed space.

The cargo box also features small access panels that slide down into the sides of the box to provide easy access to the space behind the cab. Black chrome trim decorates the tops of the bed rails.

Extra utility is provided via a trick folding “pack rack” that’s stowed under the floor of the cargo box. The rack can be easily flipped up to provide a raised platform to carry a surfboard or ladder above the cargo space. Cubbies surround the interior of the box to provide dry, secure storage.

“There’s an integrated air compressor in the bed, like the [2001] Chevy Borrego concept had,” McCann said. “All of these premium features are what make this a GMC. It’s why they are there. A Chevy version of this pickup would be simpler.”

Propulsion for the front-wheel-drive Granite runabout would come from a frugal 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine.

GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed 5


Will this Granite be produced? Not likely. We’re told it’s only a design study, but we’re sure GM is watching closely for feedback on the ideas that inspired it.

Dramatic styling aside, could a small truck like the Granite Compact Pickup find a niche in the U.S. today, like the successful compact pickups of the 1970s and ’80s?

Do not stop to know whether the overloading of trucks

Israel National Roads Company, Haifa University and Energy Systems to develop a truck load monitoring system, as long as it lay on the road, the truck can be detected through the time is overloaded.
Allegedly, this monitoring system is the way they pressure on joint research and development last year, power generation products. Pressure generation is the use of road vehicles produced between the pressure to shop on the road piezoelectric material to produce electricity under a new technology. In the study they found that the road in addition to power generation, through collection and analysis of data generated by passing vehicles, the vehicle can detect the load and speed.

Thus, based on their original technology, developed a truck load monitoring system, and in the vicinity of the road in Haifa last week completed the last round of testing. Test shows that the system can accurately measure any speed out of the load of passing vehicles, monitoring data via wireless signal transmission to the receiving device, the traffic control officer under probe data, you can quickly determine whether the vehicle is overloaded after. In addition, the system also has a power function, the power can be made for their own work and contact with other equipment to provide power.

Lu Xiazulei CEO, said the truck overloading is not only a threat to other vehicles will cause damage to the road, but to judge whether a moving vehicle overloading is not easy. They developed such a monitoring system to control vehicle traffic control department of the situation in real time opens up a new way. If at ports, mines, warehouses and other exit of the installation of the system, truck loading conditions prior to departure, the master found that overloading prohibition on the road, which is to ensure traffic safety is very necessary.

Punctuate editor

Governance in China overloading of goods vehicles, can not say much voice, but with little success. The reason is mainly the lack of attention. Can the moon shot at close range in a photograph of the country, if such a troubled life to the issue of public could not find a solution, it is certainly not join the reasonable. In addition, the technical barriers also contributed to the low efficiency of law enforcement. Israel’s lucky hit this technology to become the bane of overloaded goods vehicles, in the application of pressure on the road no less favorable than the power of the mind. Despite its mountain of jade, we have to say that it is a good thing

Ram Laramie Longhorn wins Truck of Texas award

U.S. set first fuel standards for big trucks

A version of the Chrysler’s Ram pickup truck was named the top truck in Texas over the weekend by the Texas Auto Writers Association, Chrysler Group LLC said in a statement.

Ford Motor Co.’s trucks were named the best truck lineup, Ford said in a statement.

Texas is the country’s largest pickup truck market, making up 17 percent of U.S. sales, Chrysler and Ford said in statements.

The Ram Laramie Longhorn won top honors after a two-day truck rodeo attended by more than 40 automotive journalists, the company said. The journalists consider on- and off-road capability, exterior styling, utility, fuel efficiency and value, Chrysler said.

A new version of the Ram 1500 pickup was introduced in 2008.

The Laramie Longhorn is a luxury version of the pickup that features Southwestern design cues such as leather saddlebags, the company said.

Sports in Brief: Busch just wins N.H. truck race

Busch wins Trucks at Magic MileKyle Busch won his fifth NASCAR Trucks Series race, passing James Buescher on the final restart Saturday at New Hampshire Motorspeedway. Busch nudged past Buescher, tagged the wall, and passed him.Afterward, Busch pulled up to Buescher and extended his middle finger, and Buescher called out Busch, saying: “He just drove us dirty and got the win.”

Busch has 21 career wins in the Trucks Series. “I can’t thank the guys on this team enough. All they want to do is come out and win races,” Busch said. “That’s what we’re doing.”

Helio Castroneves took the pole position for Sunday’s Indy Japan 300, turning a lap at 201.992 m.p.h. to lead a Team Penske sweep of the top three starting spots Sunday. Ryan Briscoe was second, followed by series points leader Will Power and Dario Franchitti.

Casey Stoner will start the Moto GP’s Aragon Grand Prix from the pole after edging championship leader Jorge Lorenzo in qualifying Saturday. The Ducati rider clocked a lap of 1 minute, 48.492 seconds around Spain’s Motorland Aragon circuit, nearly eight-tenths of a second faster than Lorenzo.

 NCAA: The Temple softball team will hold a memorial on campus Thursday for former player and 2009 graduate Chante’ Pleydle, who died in a car accident July 30 in Jacksonville, N.C. Pleydle, 23, a Marine originally from Victorville, Calif., was serving in Camp Johnson, a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune at the time of the accident.

A starter in 59 of the 61 games she played in during two years with the Owls, the outfielder was caught stealing only two times in 22 attempts. The service will be at 7 p.m. in the Fox Gittis Room of the Liacouras Center.

Police have charged a University of Pittsburgh reserve offensive lineman with aggravated assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after a dispute left another man hospitalized with a broken collarbone.

Keith Coleman was arrested just before 2 a.m. Saturday, said Pittsburgh Police Sgt. James Kohnen. A witness told police that Coleman spoke to two women, and that upset their two male companions. Kohnen said Coleman told investigators that the fight began after one of the men called him a racial slur.

CYCLING: Vincenzo Nibali tightened his grip on the Spanish Vuelta Saturday, finishing second behind rival Ezequiel Mosquera in the grueling 20th stage of the Spanish Classic to all but secure the overall victory.

Mosquera completed the mountainous 107-mile leg in 4 hours, 45 minutes, 28 seconds. Sunday’s 53-mile ride is from San Sebastián de los Reyes into Madrid, the traditional finish.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres defenseman Marc-Andre Gragnani will miss four to six weeks with a sprained knee. Coach Lindy Ruff provided the update Saturday, a day after Gragnani was hurt during a rookie scrimmage, but didn’t say which knee was injured.

HOWO-A7 6X2 Towing truck


Brief introduction:

Product name:HOWO-A7 6X2 Towing truck

Engine type: CNHTC D12 series engine

Emission standard: Euro 3 emission

Detailed introduction:

HOWO-A7 series heavy-duty truck is the new generation in our company which adopts more than 130 newest technical patent. For more than one year of development, more than fifty vehicles for test have been subject to repetitive tests in all kinds of extreme environments for more than two years. HOWO-A7 has been tried and tested time and time again for perfection. With the excellent quality of high performance, high quality and high technical content, it makes domestic heavy-duty truck reach the unprecedented new frontier which will upset the traditional recognition for domestic heavy-duty truck fundamentally. HOWO-A7 heavy-duty truck embodying the design idea of maximization of t

Brief introduction:

Product name:HOWO-A7 6X2 Towing truck

Engine type: CNHTC D12 series engine

Emission standard: Euro 3 emission

Detailed introduction:

HOWO-A7 series heavy-duty truck is the new generation in our company which adopts more than 130 newest technical patent. For more than one year of development, more than fifty vehicles for test have been subject to repetitive tests in all kinds of extreme environments for more than two years. HOWO-A7 has been tried and tested time and time again for perfection. With the excellent quality of high performance, high quality and high technical content, it makes domestic heavy-duty truck reach the unprecedented new frontier which will upset the traditional recognition for domestic heavy-duty truck fundamentally. HOWO-A7 heavy-duty truck embodying the design idea of maximization of the users’ benefits everywhere selects the assemblies and electric information system of world class level. The driving comfort, safety, reliability and electronic level reach the highest level in the world.

More informaiton on http://sinotrucks.net/en/howo2.asp

Breathe new life into your old car

Congratulations! You finally bought the car you had been dreaming about and now looking for a way to personalize it. Or maybe you don’t have any reasons to celebrate? You feel bored with your old vehicle but cannot afford a new one. So you have nothing to do but to change some things in your old one so in looks like new. Whatever your case is, here is a solution. Buy car accessories and give your car out of the ordinary stylish look. It’s not a problem nowadays to find options to express yourself through your car appearance. Numerous nearby car dealerships, internet stores and auctions have lots of accessories not only to change your car look but also make it more comfortable and convenient to drive. The list of available choices is endless. You should only know what you want and what your car should look like.
Various car accessories like spoilers, head and tail light covers, sun proof, sport mirrors, window visors, wind shield wiper blades, rims and tires, car covers, and many more will improve your car and won’t let anyone stay indifferent.

The good news is that you don’t need any extra skills to install most of the decorations yourself, though some of them can be tricky and involve other systems in your car.
You are ready for decisive actions but do not know what to start with? Look back and try to remember what you were dreaming about when buying the first car. Do you still want all eyes to be fixed on your extraordinary car? Start changes with the car exterior. On the contrary, if you don’t care what other people think and believe your car is only for your comfort, start improvements with interior accessories.
You can choose to paint your car in a new color. In addition, painting will help not only to refresh the vehicle but to get rid of dents and rust. But if one-color is too boring for you, consider different car stickers and decals. You are able to pick up from a wide range of flame, floral, hunting, scenery and other themed graphics. You may have seen custom made decorations with companies’ logo. Why not to follow those drivers and promote your business?
Modern technologies allow producing more durable and weather resistant decals. Moreover, with reflective stickers you will have more chances to avoid collisions driving at night.
Some car drivers believe that proper rims and tires are a symbol luxury and prestige. But they not only help vehicles to stand out from the crowd but contribute to its more optimal performance. You may experiment with different steel and alloy rims to add your car elegance or vice versa create more of a sports look. You may also choose tires that correspond to your driving style or weather conditions in your area. Shiny rims with new tires will definitely catch envious glances of other drivers and passes-by.
Among other exterior car accessories to improve your car style are tail lights, LED replacement tail lamps, fog lights, vent visors, bug deflectors, sunroof deflectors, hood scoops, mud flaps, car covers, exhaust tips, side mirrors and more.
If you prefer to invest in your car interior and comfort consider floor mats, shifter knobs, steering wheel covers, seat covers, cargo management items, racing pedals, and others. No matter what accessories you buy make sure they suit the interior of your car, manufactured from quality materials and compatible in style and color with each other. Then you will be able to enjoy added comfort and durability.
To make a right choice of exterior or interior accessories you may look through specialized periodicals, talk to more experienced drivers or ask for advice at your local aftermarket or OEM car parts store. Put your soul into the design of your car and your efforts will be generously repaid.

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