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Outdoor enthusiasts truck converted into a boots

Outdoor enthusiasts truck converted into a bootsOutdoor enthusiasts truck converted into a boots and Obtain a travel pass.

World’s most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck

World's most obese man arriving at the wedding on a truck.MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters Life!) – Mexico’s Manuel Uribe, once the world’s most obese man, has married his girlfriend, arriving at the wedding on a truck.

Uribe, 43, who once weighed as much as a small truck at more than half a tonne, married Claudia Solis on Sunday after being

hoisted onto a flat bed truck and taken to the wedding.

Uribe has been confined to a reinforced bed for the past six years because he is so heavy and this was only the third time he has left his house.

World's most obese man“I’m very happy. This is a really special day for me. God has permitted this day to arrive and for a beautiful woman like Claudia to marry me. We will start a new adventure together,” he told reporters in Spanish.

Uribe once tipped the scales at 560 kg after spending the 1990s eating pizzas and burgers in the United States where he worked as a computer repairman then moving back to Mexico and bingeing on greasy tacos.

His bulk made him the world’s heaviest man and won him a place in the Guinness World Records’ 2008 edition.

He has now trimmed down to 326 kg — the size of three hefty men — but is still unable to move his swollen legs.

World's most obese man and his wifeUribe relies on his family’s small wholesale clothes business and the generosity of friends to survive.

Volvo Trucks develop “the most powerful truck” game

In addition to “Need for Speed” and other games saloon cars, trucks, cars began to set foot in the game. In January 2009, Volvo FH16 700 with the truck market, Volvo Trucks introduced the online game – “the most powerful truck”, players can drive the virtual world of the truck to complete the transport task and win prizes. Now, the game with their own fun and interactive nature of the high-successful “landing” near 650 independent games portal; ended April 2 date, 120 million people worldwide have been involved in the game. The Volvo Trucks companies build on the progress on the recently developed and launched the “most powerful truck,” an updated version of the game.

Volvo Trucks Game

The game’s biggest attraction is the game of the new Volvo FH700 trucks become a player’s “research tool for” the game need to drive Volvo trucks to complete the task quite difficult to transport. All of this is very rarely have access to the truck at large, can be described as a fresh spin; the same time, the whole process wrapped up the game, players are entirely free from any ad, “disturb.”

Recently, Volvo Trucks is introducing an upgraded version of the “strongest truck”, the game difficulty has increased, driving environment and driving tasks and more complex and arduous. In addition, Volvo Trucks will be selected every two weeks through the competition to win a player, the prize is a Volvo FH16 Collection series of collector edition leather jacket.

A large truck based on the converted luxury cars – Dubai International Motor Show Fairs

Dubai Motor Show on the Tenth limousinesA large truck based on the converted luxury cars, but also with adequate space and adequate facilities, eye-catching. An abundance of luxury modified saloon cars, the original vehicle chassis space to an extreme, filling luxury and unique car culture. In recent years, modified luxury cars has gradually become the goal of successful people’s car, while the Dubai Motor Show is the international touring car development in the new trend to an extreme.

Toyota recalls 100,000 Tundra trucks

Toyota Tundra trucks

Toyota Tundra trucks

NEW YORK ( — Federal regulators announced Tuesday the recall of 110,000 Toyota pickup trucks in 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that road salts can cause “excessive corrosion” of the Toyota Tundra’s frame, which holds a spare tire mounted underneath the vehicle. NHTSA said dislodged spare tires can cause hazards for other vehicles on the road.

The corrosion can also damage the rear brake lines and lead to brake system failures, the NHTSA said.

 The agency urged Tundra owners to remove the spare tires even before taking the vehicles to a dealers to be remedied.

The recall involves Tundras from model years 2000 through 2003 that are registered in states where chemical de-icers, such as road salts, are used to treat roadways during the winter.

The states included in the recall are: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.

NHTSA said Toyota will contact owners of affected vehicles and ask that they bring the vehicles to a local dealer to be inspected and repaired.

Toyota will either replace the damaged portion of the vehicle’s frame, or apply a rust-resistant compound to the affected area, depending upon how bad the corrosion is. Toyota will also contact Tundra owners outside of the United States, according to NHTSA.

 It was the second major safety problem for Toyota in as many months. In October, the Japanese automaker issued a safety warning for 3.8 million Lexus and Toyota cars because of potentially deadly floor mats.

Tatra chassis pictures to appreciate

Tatra chassis pictures to appreciate

Tatra truck

Tatra truck

Tatra Garbage truck

Tatra Garbage truck

Tatra chassis

Tatra chassis

Tatra chassis 2
Tatra chassis 3
Tatra chassis 5
Tatra chassis

Tatra chassis

Tatra chassis 8
Tatra chassis 9
Tatra chassis

Tatra chassis

MAN SE CEO Samuelsson Resigns

MAN SE CEO Samuelsson

MAN SE CEO Samuelsson


MAN SE’s chief executive, Hakan Samuelsson, unexpectedly resigned his post at the helm of Europe’s third-largest truck maker.

The resignation, which MAN said came at Mr. Samuelsson’s request and would take effect immediately, comes amid a bribery probe at the German truck maker. It also follows a rocky relationship with the chairman of both MAN and Volkswagen AG, Ferdinand Piëch, who thwarted Mr. Samuelsson’s bid to take over rival truck maker Scania AB of Sweden in 2006.

Mr. Samuelsson’s departure could open the door further to Mr. Piëch’s long-held wish to merge the two truck makers under Volkswagen’s umbrella. Volkswagen declined to comment.

MAN shares surged 4.9% in reaction to the resignation news, though closed just 0.3% higher at €59.70 ($88.72). Since MAN’s failed bid for Scania, Volkwagen has taken a controlling stake in the Swedish truck maker and increased its stake in MAN to 30%, setting the stage for a possible three-way tie-up.

The departure of Mr. Samuelsson, a Swede and nine-year veteran at MAN, follows a particularly turbulent period at the company, the No. 3 European truck maker by sales after Daimler AG of Germany and AB Volvo of Sweden.

In May, German prosecutors launched an investigation into bribery allegations at Munich-based MAN. The probe, which extends back to 2002, includes at least 100 suspects who were believed to be involved in bribes paid in Germany and abroad to secure sales of trucks and buses, prosecutors said.

A spokesman for the Munich prosecutors heading the probe, though, said they were surprised by the announcement of Mr. Samuelsson’s departure and didn’t believe it was connected with their investigation. Mr. Samuelsson, MAN’s chief executive since 2005, isn’t a suspect in the prosecutors’ probe, the spokesman said.

MAN hired an auditing firm to help conduct its own investigation shortly after the probe was opened. One management board member at MAN’s truck-making unit has since resigned and another was put on leave last month.

Mr. Samuelsson couldn’t be reached for comment and MAN declined to make him available. In a written statement, though, the company said that “he hopes that his decision will help the MAN Group to quickly devote all of its attention to its core business and its further development,” adding that Mr. Samuelsson was “convinced there should be a fresh start at the highest level of the company.”

Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, head of the company’s MAN Diesel SE unit, will act as interim CEO, MAN said.

In 2006, Mr. Samuelsson launched a hostile bid for his former employer, Scania, believing Volkswagen, which then owned a 30% stake in the Swedish truck maker, would support the deal. But prodded by Mr. Piëch, the German car maker and Scania’s other large investors ultimately blocked the sale.

Volkswagen has since taken a controlling stake in Scania and become MAN’s largest shareholder by increasing its stake to 30%, paving the way for Mr. Piëch to become MAN’s chairman. Mr. Piëch, who pulled off a similar coup with Volkswagen’s nearly completed takeover of Porsche SE, has long been open about his desire merge the two truck makers under Volkswagen’s umbrella instead.

Vectra, Russian co Kamaz in heavy-duty truck JV – To produce heavy-duty trucks in India

Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz has created a joint venture with the Vectra Group to manufacture Kamaz’s heavy-duty trucks in India with an initial investment of $13m, according to The Economic Times.

Vectra is anticipating production volumes of up to 5,000 trucks at its Hosur plant in India, which will be modified to produce Kamaz trucks, over the next two to three years.

The news source said that the Kamaz range slated for production in India will include the multi-axle 6×4 and 8×4 classes, slotting in between products from major local players including Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland on one end, and Volvo at the other.

The joint venture is seeking to initially source around 30% of the components locally, and will include gearboxes and at a later stage, engines.

Akhat Urmanov, deputy director-general of sales and servicing at Kamaz as quoted by the news source, said: “We plan to sell around 1,000 of these trucks this fiscal. We will price them between the existing Indian players and Volvo.”

Tatra Truck

If we say that Scania was “king of the road”, then from the Czech Tatra (TATRA) is a well-deserved, “the king of off-road,” the. A large body, amazing traction capabilities, a unique transmission, Flor vigorous suspension system, invincible, through capacity-is absolutely off-road vehicles in the “The Bomber”!


Tatra is a vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice (Nesselsdorf in German), Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1850 as Schustala & Company later renamed Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft, a wagon and carriage manufacturer, and in 1897 produced the first motor car in central Europe, the Präsident.
Tatra motor car - Präsident (1897)

Tatra motor car - Präsident (1897)

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