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1) Bionade Beer Painted Truck in Germany Desktop Wallpaper

Painted Truck Art

Painted Truck Art

Kind of reminds you of the famous movie, Strange Brew, doesn’t it? This is one of the visitors’ favorites here at cool optical Perhaps it is because of the incredible distorted perspective that was used in creating this advertisement on wheels, or perhaps because the subject is beer. Kids, scroll down for an illusion for you.


2)Painted Pepsi Bottle Cases with Pepsi Bottles on a Heavy Vehicle Image

Pepsis - Truck Art

Pepsis - Truck Art

 The Pepsi advert (above), was the winner of RollAd’s truck art competition held at the Hockenheim Ring race track in October 2005.

3)  An Aquarium was Painted on a Truck Nice Pic – Painted Truck Optical Illusion
Aquarium - Truck Art

Passenger car sales increase 15.6% y/y in Jan-Sep

IntelliNews, the editorial arm of ISI Emerging Markets, delivers market moving news and reports in English for over 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as regionally for the Middle East/ North Africa, Nigeria/ Ivory Coast, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia. At the core of the IntelliNews service are the daily reports. Each report is a two-page summary of the main market-moving events in a given country. Distributed 5 days a week, these dailies combine news, analyses, comments and forecasts, focusing on macroeconomics and country-specific politics, as well as major financial and corporate news.

Tractor engine speed instability in Trouble

1. Tractors in the heavy load condition is not running smoothly, while empty or when going downhill run more smoothly, you should check whether the fuel system to the oil plug Ershi poor.

2. Remove the gear room covered with the observation hole cover, start the engine, using screwdriver hold down the speed lever to make it fixed at a certain position and, when running smoothly, the interruption may be governor, should be carried out Check the following: First, check the engine speed control agencies are the external connections where there are too loose, or else to remove loose impediments. Removed, not a smooth operation, should remove the gear chamber cover, check the governor internal structure. The internal structure of the main governor governor should be checked with the gear axis and the body is loose, governor lever fork whether the short arm of two uneven phenomenon. If the two forks of serious wear and tear, you can drive with one-way transfer speed skating in between the thrust bearing of about 1 mm thickness of a pad of paper. Note that pad of paper can not be too thick, otherwise, would reduce the maximum speed of the engine, thereby reducing power. If, after the above-mentioned processing, speed of instability is still not eliminated, you should also check whether there is hampered by the phenomenon of speed control lever, fuel pump plunger adjustment lever arm in the governor fork tank Kuang momentum is too large, rotating the plunger in the plunger kit is blocked, turn inflexible and so on.

3. Hold down the speed control lever with a screwdriver, if the operation is not stable, the interruption is not part of the governor, should check the fuel system. First, loosen the injection pump on the tubing connector nut, if it bubbles emerge can be sure that within the asphalt into the air, should check whether the burst pipe, pipe then whether the loose nuts, in particular, should pay attention to fuel pump out the oil valve gasket Does cracking or Mifengbuyan, whether the pump plunger positioning screw loosening. After the inspection, after repair, engine speed is still not stable, can be removed from a cylinder covered with fuel injectors, and new ones injectors tested. Such as troubleshooting, the interruption in the fuel injector; also be removed to re-install the fuel injector to the high-pressure tubing, the Shake to switch the engine, observe the situation injector fuel injection. If the atomized bad, there is drop of oil or needle catching phenomenon, can be ground or replaced.

2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid

2009-sierra-hybrid-truckThe 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid pickup truck, available in two- and four-wheel-drive models, features patented hybrid technology to optimize fuel economy. The advanced 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System allows the pickup to operate up to 30 miles per hour in electric-only mode. And GM’s innovative two-mode hybrid transmission adds extra power via two electric motors. This gives Sierra Hybrid best-in-class fuel economy† and a 40% improvement in city fuel economy when compared to non-hybrid models.ΔPlus, the powerful 6.0L V8 engine delivers the towing, the hauling of truck loads, and the trailering capabilities truck fans expect in a full-size GMC pickup.

The world’s first hybrid pickup truck is set to reach dealers in late 2008 or early 2009, according to reports from GMC (unless you’re counting the really mild hybrid pick-ups that were quickly discontinued a couple of years ago). This will be the full size, GMC Sierra equipped with the Vortec 6.0L V8 engine, and coupled with the same two mode hybrid system we see in the green Yukon and Tahoe. As is the case in the 2Mode hybrid suvs, expect fuel economy to improve by 25-30% over the non-hybrid Sierra.

Make no mistake, this hybrid truck will be tough. With 332 horsepower and over 6,000 lbs of towing capacity, it is built to handle any job that its gas-only counterparts can. According to the official website, it is 100% Sierra. Even better news is that this ‘09 Sierra will be available in 2WD and 4WD models. Maybe the best news for General Motors is that Toyota doesn’t offer a competitor in their hybrid truck line…yet.

MotorTrend has a nice video here from the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

NY targets trucks on off-limits roads

In response to an increase in trucks illegally using New York state roads or ones with low clearances, Gov. David Paterson announced legislation that would dramatically crack down on truckers.

Truckers increasingly use Global Positioning Systems, which may direct them to take state roads off limits to trucks or with low clearances. The result has been more bridge strikes, where trucks hit overpasses and cause accidents and traffic delays.

The legislation, which reportedly might be introduced in January, would:
• Increase penalties for truckers who illegally use parkways.
• Allow officers on the scene to use their discretion to confiscate trucks stopped and ticketed.
• Require all large commercial trucks to use enhanced GPS that routes them away from restricted roads.
• Allow state and affected localities to recoup many costs associated with the bridge strike from the trucking company or its insurance carrier.

Mike Joyce, legislative director for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said clear road signs exist informing drivers which roads are restricted. He said lack of driver training and allowing new drivers to rely too much on technology may be behind the bridge strikes.

“This heavy-handed scheme comes on the heels of recent tax, fee and proposed route restrictions for commercial vehicles,” Joyce said. “The governor is doing a great job of pushing New York to the top of the list of places where truckers least want to do business.”
Late last month, state police began an enforcement blitz. In one week, law enforcement issued 400 tickets to truckers who were illegally operating their vehicles on certain roads and parkways.

Most tickets were issued to out-of-state drivers using non-commercial GPS devices, according to Patterson’s office.

The state transportation department said 81 percent of overpass strikes by trucks were caused by GPS guidance.

New York has contacted 20 GPS and mapping providers on upgrading software to account for low clearance bridges and overpasses. Also, a task force has recommended starting pilot programs to test both low- and high-tech ways to warn drivers of upcoming bridges or road closures, such as moving warning signs farther up the road and using infrared beams to detect a truck approaching a road it should not be entering.

State officials have also talked to the National Insurance Crime Bureau of possible insurance discounts for truckers using upgraded GPS devices with truck routing information.

List of hybrid truck

Nissan capacitor hybrid truck

By the introduction of Nissan Diesel Motor Co., equipped with diesel engines, motors, as well as Nissan’s newly developed “super-power capacitors.” This capacitor can store cars in the electricity generated when slowing down, its energy storage capacity of 2 times the existing capacitor.

Based on Nissan Diesel Motor Co. 4-ton truck designed with Condor, cars start to use electric motors, used in automotive diesel engine speed and stability.

Can reduce the fuel costs 50 percent, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 33%, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 50%.

UPS hydraulic hybrid truck

The use of hydraulics successfully developed a new system, with low-emission diesel engine co-ordination can save 60% ~ 70% of fuel consumption.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated fuel economy and reducing brake wear through, just take three years to be recovered in a new hybrid hydraulic system, transformation of the cost.

Toyota, Hino to jointly develop a small hybrid trucks

By the Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors Corporation to jointly develop, with a diesel engine and electric motors. Electric motors as auxiliary power diesel engines can improve fuel efficiency, reduce pollutants in automobile exhaust emissions.

In the speed slowing down or braking, the hybrid power system can be converted to electrical energy is stored in nickel-metal hydride batteries. In the truck when the need to activate and speed up, you can use pre-stored electrical energy to start the engine.

Fuel-efficient than the average grade of a truck with a 30% increase of carbon dioxide emissions reduced by approximately 25%.

Ford’s Hybrid Truck

Has been named “2005 North American Truck of the Year”, is produced in North America, the first hybrid vehicle.

The hybrid electric vehicle fuel economy and low emissions benefits, and the original model Escape flexible alert, robust and space to be integrated.

According to driving conditions for the gasoline engine or electric motor-driven travel. Low speed, as long as the battery has enough power, fully electric mode driving, no bonding internal combustion engine.

Hybrid system uses regenerative braking technology, can be recovered braking energy, there are batteries for later use.

Renault Midlum 270 hybrid trucks




 Powered by diesel engines and electric motors in series in the form of two kinds of drivers driving in the city, you can simply rely on electric drives in order to achieve “zero discharge” to reduce the city’s environmental pressures. At the same time, diesel-powered car can make long-distance travel.

Hybrid Vehicle

A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. The term most commonly refers to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), which combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors.

October truck sales could reveal strength of recovery

Monthly auto sales, which are reported Thursday, should be the news highlight of the week.

Everybody knows sales will be down, of course. The question is, by how much, and whether the results tell the market anything about the strength or stubbornness of the economic recovery underfoot.

I think October sales will be a more important indicator, given that inventory will have been replenished and consumers will have had time to adjust to the idea that the worst might be behind us.

October has long been truck month, when automakers roll out their big discounts on prior model year trucks.

GM has launched its annual fall truck incentive program, which runs through early November, Automotive News reports. Ford Motor runs a similar program every year, but GM had considered pulling back on the annual event and spending its marketing dollars on building its post-bankruptcy brand.

With the biggest car stimulus of the decade, the federal cash-for-clunkers program behind us, I’m guessing there will be many takers on big trucks, which will give profits a boost as long as automakers don’t discount too heavily.

If truck sales don’t see a respectable uptick in October, that doesn’t bode well for the strength of the economic recovery under way.

In other news:

 Consumers are getting antsy waiting for those electric cars, folks. Free Press staff writer Brent Snavely wrote on Sunday about how the majority of electric cars coming to market will go to businesses and other fleet customers first.

Golf carts?

 Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that drivers are just hitting the road with electric golf carts – often known as NEVs, or “neighborhood electric vehicles.”

While the WSJ was busy spotting golf carts, though, our friends over at found a real gem: 1976 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar, an old electric car with a top speed of 36 m.p.h.

This should all remind us this Monday morning: Where there’s a will, there is, indeed, a way.

Trucks still in?

 Finally, if you didn’t catch Autoline Detroit on Sunday, GM’s global product czar Tom Stephens talked about his philosophy about keeping the automaker’s lineup balanced.

 Translation: Detroit might be ramping up the electrics, but it isn’t giving up on trucks.

Configuration does not shrink J6 air filter and the gearbox to change doubts

User car was found in the liberation of J6 to mention the configuration of the new model compared to the previous version of the change, dual-stage air filter into a single-stage, transmission is also from the FS10209 into CA9T160, when the noisy trial, suspected of manufacturers to configure the shrink, User who caused controversy.

Of the original model for dual-stage air filter Of the original model for dual-stage air filter


Of the original model for dual-stage air filter

The new model for the single-stage air filter

The new model for the single-stage air filter 

FS10209 replaced CA9T160   FS10209 replaced CA9T160

FS10209 replaced CA9T160

Truck House specifically with the FAW to get in touch technology sector, manufacturers have also challenged the user to make the following explanation:
1. With regard to air filter changed by a two single-stage, FAW explained that it was using the latest single-stage dual-core technology to improve the intake efficiency, while the original air filter completely universal.  This single-stage dual-core filter fully meet the filtering effect of the effect of the original two air filter, while addressing the replacement of the original second-class air filter need to be demolished inconvenient problem.  FAW commitment to use without any problem.

 2. With regard to transmission, in the FAW internal FS10209 and CA9T160 is the same transmission, FS10209 is the introduction of Eaton’s use of the name, now from FAW Eaton Transmission Company to withdraw, so FAW will gradually to change the name of this transmission CA9T160, the two parts, speed ratio exactly the same, if we think that idling noise, estimated to be new need for run-in, if there are any questions, can go to a local service station to check the FAW, or in Home Truck forum to communicate.

We very much welcome the proposed use of the truck home to become a link between the user and the manufacturer!

Ford Increases Production of Ranger, Keeps Truck Alive

Ford TruckAlthough Ford has placed an end to the life of the Ford Ranger pickup in 2011, the company is increasing production over the next three months to meet up with small pickup truck demand. The demand seems to be spawning from the federal government’s Cash for Clunkers program, where owners can trade in their old “clunker” for a new automobile.

Sales wise, Ford sold more than 3,000 Rangers last month, an increase over the same time period in 2008.

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