Futuristic truck-cab concept probably won’t thrill Optimus Prime

Futuristic truck-cab concept probably won't thrill Optimus Prime
This Scania truck-cab concept from the mind of Adam Palethorpe certainly looks sleek and modern, looking more like an Apple-inspired PC mod than a big rig. It puts glossy finishes and curved surfaces in place of crude, boxy industrialism. While I get the point, it looks a little too sexy for my taste, essentially robbing the truck of its character — as grimy as that could be sometimes.

One aspect of Palethorpe’s design I do like, however, are the high-tech fenders that show how long the truck’s been on the road. A series of lights, clearly visible to other drivers, would indicate the number of hours the truck’s been driven in the last 24 hours, and the last time the driver had a break. While truckers might accuse them of being draconian, I see it as essentially putting your money where your mouth is with those “How’s my driving” signs. Who’s with me?